About us

Quintas Farm gate Industries is a Nigerian private limited liability company establish in October 2017 to promote agro-industrial processing and provide clean energy at village levels.

Our Vision

To contribute to the establishment of sustainable economic growth, food security and poverty reduction in Nigeria, through improved agricultural production and postharvest management.

Our Mission

To establish common facility agro-industrial clusters at village levels, to improve agricultural productivity, reduce postharvest wastage and promote food security.

Our Energy Mix

We use biomass/solar hybrid energy mix to meet the energy demands of industrial clusters and our host communities. We use the 2012 European Union EU energy consumption pattern as our guide to determine the design of the energy to be deployed. On the average, ninety percent of total energy generated comes from TLUD gasification or combustion of solid biomass, which are agro or forest residue obtained at little or no cost. We use this technology to generate heat and steam for industrial processing, in small communities where electricity demand is less than 25kw. Solar technology is used to drive electrical machineries as appropriate and community lightings. For larger electricity demands, we would use biomass thermal electricity generation to meet cluster and community electricity needs. In areas where effluents or liquid biomass are produced, we use bio-digestion process to generate bio-gas to augment our energy mix.

Our Project

Our project is the establishment of farm gate industrial clusters that will be driven be decentralized renewable energy where there is no national grid. Where electricity is available from the grid, biomass in form of agro-residue will be used to generate heat and steam for industrial processing. The types of industries in each cluster will be determined by the arable crops produced in the host community, as Nigerians practice multi-crops farming, hence the specific industries in each community will be tailored towards the varied crop they grow or where raw materials could be easily sourced. In the course of processing agricultural produce, solid biomass is generated in form of agro-residue (solid wastes), effluents (which come as liquid wastes).

These are veritable energy sources. Using the Top-Lit Updraft (TLUD) gasification and combustion technologies to extract clean heat energy from solid biomass, Bio-digestion technology to generate methane from semi-solid biomass and effluents from industrial processing and solar photovoltaic technology is used for the generation of direct or alternating current electricity for small projects and small hydro and steam power plants for big projects. We combine the process of clean energy generation to drive industrial clusters at village levels, and give off grid electricity for our host communities as service.

Value Proposition and unique Advantages

Our approach is an home-grown technology and system operations for managing agro-industrial clusters to process agricultural produce. The waste products in the cluster and nature given sunlight are used as fuel or feedstock for energy generation to meet our energy needs and the host community energy requirements. This process accelerates off-grid rural electrification, reduces postharvest wastage, poverty, hunger, and drudgery on women. It will improve the quantity and quality of processed foods, give meaningful value to living, and also reduce environmental degradation, greenhouse gas (GHG) emission and other pollutants. In summary, we have:


Nearly all our industrial processing and energy generation machinery are manufactured locally, saving scarce foreign exchange, making spare parts and after sales services easy to procure.


Providing off grid electricity to host communities, transforms the social and economic lives of the residents in our host communities.


Problems of postharvest wastages, poverty, hunger and rural-urban migration are addressed.


Drudgery on women is reduced, allowing them to have more time to do other valuable services at home.