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Quintas Farm gate Industries is a Nigerian private limited liability company established in October 2017 to promote agro-industrial processing and provide clean energy at village levels. Our goals are to reduce postharvest wastage in Agriculture and assist to reduce energy poverty and hunger in Nigeria.  Nigeria is a country with a population of about a 200million people where agriculture contributes about 22.5% of her GDP. The mode of agricultural production in Nigeria is through small-holding farming, where the average farmer cultivates less than 5hectres of land. With the ban on rice importation, Nigerian farmers produce about 90% of total food consumed nationally, but their places of abode lack basic infrastructures like electricity, potable water, and road network. Records show that over 40% of agricultural produce with monetary value in excess of $9bn is lost to postharvest wastage each year, in a country where over a 12.9million people go to bed daily without food. (FIIRO)



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Our Goals

a. Improve productivity in the agricultural value chain
b. Promote food security
c. Reduce hunger
d. Reduce abject poverty and
e. Protect the environment

Our modes of operation

i. Deploy and promote the use of a hybrid of clean biomass and solar energies in agro-industrial processing
ii. Encourage the development of common facilities industrial clusters I rural communities
iii. Promote the development and use of local agro-processing machinery

Our Concept of Common Facility village Industrial Cluster

We locate between 10-18 agro-business activities (agro-industrial processing and animal husbandry) in a given host community, (usually remote village) to share the same electricity/energy, water, access road, man power, communication and secretarial facilities.

Our Vision

To contribute to the establishment of sustainable economic growth, food security, and poverty reduction in Nigeria, through improved agricultural production and postharvest management.

Our Mission

To establish common facility agro-industrial clusters at village levels, to improve agricultural productivity, reduce postharvest wastage and promote food security.

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